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This is another typed transcript of an email from Harrogate Community Radio – keeping you up to date with developments in your community radio station. I hope to tell you a bit about some of the excellent shows we have going out over the weekend – hear me out and tune in; there is no […]

The sun is out and the birds are singing. Last night was a bit of a shock for me, as station controller, when I tuned in to the excellent Geeks At The Gates show. Regie (the host and owner of Destination Venus) announced that it would be the last episode for the podcast! I had […]

We have updated our App. The Harrogate Community Radio app has had a lick of paint and is looking doozy. The app has the ability to stream the station and to keep up to date with the blog. β€’ For Apple users, head HERE. β€’ For Android users, head HERE. Nb. Android users; the app […]

As Spring springs, I thought I would write up the Newsletter that has just gone out this Friday evening – so that everyone can get the gossip. If you ever want to sign up to the newsletter, there is a sign up form located on the right hand side of the site, as you look […]

Hello and I hope you are well? Do you have a spare minute to lose some Lock-Down LardΒ andΒ to help Harrogate’s coolest radio station at the same time? Do you wish that the whole town was talking about your station as much as you love tuning in to it? Well, we think we are making some […]

As a station, we are trying to limit our environmental impact; if we are to avoid runaway climate change we must help Zero Carbon Harrogate fight to make the Harrogate District carbon neutral by 2030. So, as a radio station, we have become members of the Zero Carbon Harrogate group. As a community, we need […]

I wrote a Newsletter. Not much to boast about. But, it has been a while since I sent out a Newsletter – I have broken my ‘Bad Spell’, my Bad Run. I am productive again. Below, I have typed up the Newsletter. It is a short Newsletter as should be the case on a Spring […]

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), is conducting a review of the radio industry. They are very interested in learning more about who tunes in to community radio stations like ours, and about when and why they listen. We want as many of our listeners as possible to be represented in the [...]
Have you thought about the offer to advertise on local radio if you live in Harrogate & district? Well, maybe we can help? See Harrogate Community Radio is offering advertisement spots on our website - you just need to contact Andrew with a PNG copy of your logo and a link to your webpage, eCommerce [...]
Drop some coins in the cup in the footer of the site. See the cup in the bottom right of the window you are looking at now? It sort of floats there, regardless of how you scroll... well, if you drop some coins in the cup then you will be supporting independent, advert-free radio here [...]

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