Drop some coins in the cup in the footer of the site. See the cup in the bottom right of the window you are looking at now? It sort of floats there, regardless of how you scroll... well, if you drop some coins in the cup then you will be supporting independent, advert-free radio here [...]

Hi, I am Andy & I’d like to talk about Open Country and their show #OutThereTogether. Why? Because it is genius, that is why – but, first I have to state a case for it. I admit I am biased when it comes to ‘this sort of thing’ because I do ‘this sort of thing’ […]

The 1st Newsletter of the year, it was mailed out New Year’s Day 2021: We would say that we are glad to see the back of 2020. It was a terrible year for many – not one to remember fondly. But, there were some good points to the year; babies were born, people got married […]

Harrogate Community Radio has a new way fo helping its financial backers - we rely on the good will of the people of Harrogate and our listenership at large. We need donations to survive. Part of this is a Membership plan for people who want to commit to helping the station out for the long [...]

That was Sunday – and, soon it’ll be Christmas; Friday to be exact. This blog post is scheduled to go out on Monday. So, we will see how the country is fairing in the wake of the Lock Down 3.0 that was recently announced. We had the excellent To Etherea and Beyond opening the day […]

Now then, a lot of work is going in to the Christmas schedule for Harrogate Community Radio. The show hosts are pulling out all of the stops and making sure that you will be entertained over the festive break. If you want to see the festive schedule I have made a page especially for it... [...]
I (justifiably) reckon we are the best radio station in North Yorkshire. But, why the hell would I say that? Why should you listen to HCR? Because there is no other station like us in the area, that is why. We broadcast to everyone but especially we broadcast to the people who do not normally [...]

Looking forward to the weekend? We are! I’ve decided we haven’t had quite enough time off in 2020 so there is a good weekend’s worth of Radio for you to kick back to. As I type this – there is The Blues Show with Gary Grainger on in the background. Then, the Indie Show on […]

DJ TREV IS BACK! DJ Trev returns to Harrogate Community Radio with a new show at a new time. Broadcasting fourth Saturday of the month at 9pm - expect straight up BANGERS 💥 ... wait, that's THIS SATURDAY AT 9PM! Dj Trev's first ALL NEW Mix Tape show has Trev making a special cassette of his favourite tunes [...]

In September and October, the virus spread rapidly in all parts of the country. The government responded with new national restrictions. These have brought transmission back under control, according to their website. The government will replace National Lockdown on 2 December with a regionally-differentiated approach, where different tiers of restrictions apply in different parts of […]

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