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“Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving life or easing pain.” The words of poet William Blake have been used on many occasions but have perhaps never been more relevant or appropriate than at this very moment in time, in reference to global warming and our response […]

When it comes to the important things in life building a home will undoubtedly come close to the top on most people’s list. For many owning their own home is a priority. Somewhere to bring up a family in a secure environment, a place to retreat to and relax when the world outside seems alien […]

Have you made your holiday plans yet? Once a simple question, might now require a rather complicated answer, given the current situation. But, as the coronavirus restrictions start to be eased it appears the first thing on many people’s minds is exactly that, ‘where can I go on holiday’? Perhaps not surprisingly after the long […]

So, you are off and running, you were inspired, or perhaps your children were, and you felt the pressure to do something about climate change. Those David Attenborough-esk TV programmes might have made you feel a bit guilty, or perhaps they created a light bulb moment of recognition about the threat we face to our […]

This is a guest post by Zero-Carbon Harrogate who we have invited to Blog every month, so I will let them say their part: As we start to see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel our thoughts are naturally turning to the things we have missed over the last year or so, and […]

As part of Harrogate Community Radio’s efforts to offset our Carbon Emissions, we have invited Zero Carbon Harrogate to be a Guest Blogger. This is the 1st of their posts: Where do you stand on climate change? Are you someone who constantly thinks of nothing else, just have a passing interest or perhaps rather sceptical […]