I thought I would write a short blog post about my show tonight, so you know a bit about what to expect. Four On The Floor broadcasts at 8pm every Saturday. You are welcome to tune in whether there is a pandemic or not, but it has become some people’s source of club hits when […]

As many of us are beginning to spend more time away from the office (and pub) we are starting to appreciate the importance of our gardens. We all love to relax and unwind in our occasionally sunny gardens, thats why we need to respect what we put in them. Theres no better man to prove […]

Well this week’s show is what you would call a “mixed bag”. I start proceedings off with a sure-fire hit from Gok Wan, yes Gok Wan, ably assisted by the genius that is Craig Knight and songstress Kele Le Roc. I’ve a Sillaz remix of Dr. Dre’s Next Episode, there’s the brand-new track by LOtheif, […]

This Sunday sees the return of Thoughty Auty. In this month’s episode, Thomas talks about delicate subject of “should I Get My Child Diagnosed With Autism? – Early Vs Late Diagnosis w/ Luis Oddy” – and he handles it with care and attention. It is no to be missed. Should you get an autism diagnosis […]

Now local restrictions have started to ease the food and drinks scene in Harrogate has come back with a bang. It has been a great relief for many business owners and their employees around the area. Especially Rudding Park Hotel, seeing my work place flourish and business get back to near normality brings a smile […]

On show 59, first aired on September 12th. This week’s show has only the 25 tracks in it. Three of them are from Calvin Harris, including a great remix of We Found Love by Jamie Williams, very much piano. There are great remixes of Feel So Close and One Kiss, bookending the show. There’s a […]

A local fostering agency is urging more families to become foster parents once their children leave the family home for university. A record 40.5% of all 18-year-olds in the UK have applied to go to university this year, with numbers rising significantly during lockdown, according to the university admissions service, Ucas. It is the first […]

On Show #58 of Four On The Floor, first aired on September 5th, there is a MASSIVE 23 spanking brand-new tracks. Now I’m not going to tell you about every track in the show, you’ll have to listen, I’m just pointing out a few that are definitely worth a listen out for. Starting off with […]

Harrogate Community Radio has been a great benchmark to help lift the recognition of ambitious DJ’s and Podcasters around the Harrogate area. One of those podcasters is me, Ben Wright a Chef at Rudding Park Hotel. All the free time I’ve had during furlough gave me the motivation to create a fun and engaging foodie […]

By day I’m a business analyst in an IT department.  Of the various aspects of the job, user research is by far my favourite.  Learning to this opened my critical eye to how not to interview people. Now, I’ll never say I’m an expert, but I started to notice how badly many interviews in the […]

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