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  We did a bit of nerdy research and realised not everyone knows how to access us, so we’ve planted it right in front of everyones eyes. To listen to the station all you need to do is head to the website – on a mobile or at work on your laptop – and then […]

Performance is returning to Harrogate! The Theatre has been putting on sold out productions, open mic nights are blossoming and bands are starting to jam again. There is a real love of life in town and we are broadcasting 24/7 to bring to you the people who put it on. We are made up of […]

As I type this up, Bespoke is broadcasting his “Twisted Discotheque” show here in Harrogate Community Radio and we are getting ready for Galaxy Wolf In Space playing some of the best outrun and post-Disco. But, Autumn and all its mellow fruitfulness is settling in… We have the launch of two new series. The first […]

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving life or easing pain.” The words of poet William Blake have been used on many occasions but have perhaps never been more relevant or appropriate than at this very moment in time, in reference to global warming and our response […]

We have been tweaking this website; we are trying to let everyone use this website – no matter what their ability or what their impairment is. So, we teamed up with Andrew Backhouse Design to make the website as accessible as possible. We have hosts on the station who have problems when using conventional websites […]

On the 24th July Harrogate Community Radio supplied the music at Knaresborough Community Festival. We had a PA and we played all of the hits! We had a tip off from local Audio Visual Expert, Allan Smyth about the event. Allan had a PA there and we supplied the DJs and the music. DJ Scooby […]

Happy Birthday Harrogate Community Radio! We have reached two years old – so, thanks to everyone who has tuned in during the past year and a very big thanks to everyone who has broadcast with us. We have seen some hosts leave the station and we have had a fair few new hosts join the […]

When it comes to the important things in life building a home will undoubtedly come close to the top on most people’s list. For many owning their own home is a priority. Somewhere to bring up a family in a secure environment, a place to retreat to and relax when the world outside seems alien […]

Are you interested in listening to French or Italian music? What about Italian hip-hop and the French pop? Me too! See, this Sunday, we have Hannah, a Ripon Grammar School pupil studying A-Levels, making a show as part of her work experience. Hannah has been working closely with me, at a distance, as we walked […]

Girlguiding North Yorkshire West has been working on building a new Training, Activity and Residential Centre at Birk Crag on Cornwall Road in Harrogate for the last three years, and is hoping to be able to open the first floor of the building later this year for use by both its members and people living […]