There are now plenty of ways to listen to Harrogate Community Radio. As I mention here, on this page, I go in to all of the ways people can tune in to HCR. But, new ways have recently been added and I would like to tell you about them in this post. So, here goes… […]

Well, I am chuffed – as are the rest of the Admin. Scooby, Allan and myself would not have thought that a plan hatched on a balmy summers night in 2019 would have had the legs it has had to reach one year old. And, what support we have picked up on the way. Not […]

We have enabled the digital-hoo-daa to allow people to become a member of Harrogate Community Radio. This is a Member Service that will keep you in the loop for developments in the Station as well as raise your profile locally. There are ways of sponsoring the station that I outline HERE but I figure I […]

We are going back to the sound of yester-year on a Sunday, every week, on Harrogate Community Radio. And, you are welcome to join us! There are a couple of shows I hope to draw your attention to that will leave you grooving and with a smile on your face. These two shows are Soul […]

Tuck in to The Sunday Sessions on Harrogate Community Radio – they’re proper good! But, what are The Sunday Sessions? Well, we have cleared a gap in the schedule on a Sunday at 4pm til 6pm – every Sunday of the calendar month. This time-slot will be the opportunity for local DJs to get really […]

We all know that lock-down is getting a bit… well, boring. Would you like to do something to alleviate the boredom? We have just the thing: Virtual Insanity – and, you have a ticket! Virtual Insanity is going to be a special one-off broadcast on Saturday 25th April at 1pm. It will be a five-hour […]

In this Blog post I will explain how to export your radio show in Reaper. This is the export method I have used for years in Reaper – it is the method I recommend to everyone at Harrogate Community Radio. Rather than send off seven or eight emails, typing each one up to DJs, I […]

What do you think? Have you noticed much change? Not really – but, then it is a minor rebrand. We were worried about the old logo. It was out there in a rush and did not make much sense. Admin have approved this logo and it is now with the public. We are in the […]

In this Blog Post I am writing about how you, the public, can help your favourite presenter on Harrogate Community Radio during the time of Coronavirus. Coronavirus is set for the long term with the British Government lagging behind the rest of the world in their response. This will cripple an already resource-starved NHS. It […]

This is becoming more and more necessary as the country moves in to isolation due to Coronavirus. This Blog Post is written to help you edit a podcast in Reaper DAW having recorded the media elsewhere. I am assuming that you know how to record your audio already, be this on an iPhone or a […]

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