When I had the idea for Open Aspect, I envisaged chatting with interesting folk from the Harrogate District. I thought it would bring something a bit different to the station, with an open minded and specifically local flavour.

It started out strongly enough, but as the pandemic took hold of the way we live I found it progressively harder to reach out and engage potential guests. I felt I was letting the station down, and wanted to offer something that I could do without dependence on others.

My thinking coincided with December, when I traditionally go to Harrogate Theatre to see the M R James ghost stories, something I would obviously have to miss in 2020.

So I thought about reading a story for the radio instead.

I have sought out a selection of stories that in good faith I believe to be out of copyright. So 2021 sees the start of Sunday Shorts, a bit of time out to be read to. It is au revoir to Open Aspect, maybe one day it will be back, but for now, ensure you are sitting comfortably, Idling: A Storytime for Grownups will begin.

Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton is the presenter of “Idling; A Storytime for grownups.” Ms Thornton is a fundraiser for MSF (Doctors Without Borders), and she also enjoys performing with her Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Houriat.

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