By day I'm a business analyst in an IT department.  Of the various aspects of the job, user research is by far my favourite.  Learning to this opened my critical eye to how not to interview people.

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Now, I'll never say I'm an expert, but I started to notice how badly many interviews in the mainstream media are conducted.  Then it started really annoy me.  Interviewers who monopolise the conversation; leading questions; closed questions; bias; even answering questions for the interviewee!

So, when I heard about Harrogate Community Radio I thought that maybe I could make a different kind of talk show.  A show that is about interviewee. A show that is without bias.  A show with open questions. A show that gives people a place to tell their story in their own way.  Open Aspect was born.

As I say, I am not an expert, always a student.  Each show is a chance to learn.  If you'd like to join my journey and share your story, please contact us at the radio.  I've chatted with creatives, charity workers and local folk with a passion they want to share.  So join in. Share your story on Open Aspect.

To take part in Open Aspect, email the station at


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Photo by Andrew Backhouse.


Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton is the presenter of “Idling; A Storytime for grownups.” Ms Thornton is a fundraiser for MSF (Doctors Without Borders), and she also enjoys performing with her Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Houriat.

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