Listening to the radio on the drives to school when I was younger is a nostalgic memory. It provided a shared musical experience with me and my mum. This experience shaped my music preferences and tastes. Mum would mostly play Heart FM on the way to school, this exposure is probably why I really enjoy playing older generation music. A few of the songs that really stuck with me when I was younger were “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears and “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League. However, when I started secondary school, I gained an obsession with Capital FM. On the drives to school, I started requesting Capital FM, to hear the latest music that was in the charts. They always played popular hit songs from a variety of different genres; this gave me insight into genres I had never heard of before. It enhanced my musical range and introduced me to top charted music of that time. I remember this one song I heard on the way to school that I have a vivid memory of and it was easily one of my favourite songs that year “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. Most of my favourite songs to this date, I have heard through the radio.

Radio has been a significant medium for people for years to discover new music and stay updated on the latest hits, as well as providing a sense of companionship and familiarity during daily routines such as driving or working. The use of radio in my childhood has influenced me a lot. My music taste ranges from Alternative, R&B to Reggae and much more. I love Foreigner, Tears for Fears and Simple Minds, which was influenced by my mum’s taste in music. I got my love for Reggae from my dad, artists such as Bob Marly, Koffee and Buju Banton. My taste in Alternative and R&B was mainly influenced by regularly searching up new music and giving different artists a listen. I remember when I first heard Billie Eilish , after which I searched up more music of the same genre. All of these discoveries were through television programs or somehow just coming across them, as well as influence from friends.

andrea de santis i2BcaGXomv0 unsplash 1 - Harrogate Radio Station

As a twenty-two-year-old I can say with the advance in technology, apps and streaming platforms, that I sadly don’t listen to radio as much as I used to. In recent years, the rise of streaming services and personalized playlist has posed a challenge to traditional radio broadcasting. Being able to pick what songs you want played and when you want to hear them is just more convenient for younger people. This has really impacted the amount of younger radio listeners. However, radio still holds a significant role in promoting emerging artists and providing a platform for local news, events, and discussions. Additionally younger people do still enjoy the spontaneity and surprise of tuning into a radio station to discover new songs or hear familiar ones.

Radio for me now is great choice to hear something new when I’m feeling impulsive or is a great choice for me when i need background music while working or doing something. It offers variety, entertainment, convenience and an unexpected array of songs and music genres dependant on the station. As well as this radio stations often have programs and segments that cater to different age groups and interests, making it a versatile source of entertainment. Overall, radio continues to play an important role in the media landscape, and its influence on music taste and culture remains a significant aspect of many people’s lives regardless of age.

Saphira Morgan

Saphira Morgan

Saphira is one of the interns with us from Leeds Trinity. She is with us for Spring 2023 and presents Spoken Scribbles.

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