Cassian Andor says the line, “Do you think anyone was listening?” after Jyn Erso successfully transmits the Death Star plans from Scarif to the Rebel Alliance fleet. It's a pivotal moment in the film, Rogue One, as they wait anxiously for a response, hoping that their sacrifice was not in vain.

This line, spoken while the plans of the Death Star were being transmitted to the Rebel forces, isn't just a moment of suspense but a powerful reflection on the essence of communication and the hope that someone, somewhere, will receive the message and act. This is a sentiment that resonates deeply with us at Harrogate Community Radio, especially as we consider our role and impact within the community. Yes, I am finding any reason to shoehorn the station in to Star Wars…

Galactic Empire and Commercial Radio

At first glance, the Galactic Empire from Star Wars and the world of commercial radio broadcasting might seem worlds apart. However, the comparison draws significant parallels, particularly in their influence over information and public perception. The Empire, with its tight control over the galaxy, mirrors the monopolistic tendencies seen in commercial radio, where a few large entities often dominate the airwaves, controlling what is broadcast and when.

Much like the Rebel Alliance, community radio stations like Harrogate Community Radio operate on the fringes of this broadcasting galaxy. We are the underdogs—the rebels fighting against a sea of commercialised and homogenised content. Our mission? To disrupt the status quo and offer a diverse range of voices and sounds that represent the people of Harrogate – by giving them a platform to broadcast on.

Harrogate Community Radio: A Beacon of Hope

Just as the Rebel forces in “Rogue One” were driven by the hope that their actions could bring about change, Harrogate Community Radio is fuelled by a similar aspiration. We believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from diverse voices that are often left unheard in mainstream channels. Our station serves as a beacon of hope, providing a platform for local artists, thinkers, and activists.

Encouraging Rebellion through Engagement

Embracing our role as rebels within the broadcasting landscape means more than just playing different music or hosting unique shows. It involves:

  • Championing local talent: Showcasing the rich culture of Harrogate through local content that celebrates our unique heritage and contemporary creativity.
  • Fostering community dialogue: Creating spaces for conversations that matter to our community, from local politics and developments to social issues that require attention.
  • Educating and inspiring: Using our platform to inform and inspire our listeners to take active roles in their community, much like the Rebel Alliance inspired many to stand against the Empire.

A Call to Action: Support Your Local Rebels

“Do you think anyone was listening?” At Harrogate Community Radio, we not only hope they are – But like any rebellion, we cannot succeed alone.

We call upon you, the people of Harrogate and beyond, to join us in this broadcast rebellion. Support the station in any way you can: whether it's by tuning in, spreading the word, contributing financially, or even hosting your own show. Every bit of support helps us continue our mission to be a voice for the voiceless, a sound of hope in a sea of sameness.


As we draw parallels from the Galactic Empire's dominance to the monopolistic practices in commercial radio, let's remember the power of individual action and community support. Harrogate Community Radio is not just a station; it's a movement. Together, we can ensure that our transmissions—our voices—continue to reach far and wide, keeping the spirit of rebellion alive.

Admin Andrew

Admin Andrew

Andrew is actually one of the Founders of HCR – he volunteers as chief cat-herder to organise the station. Andrew is a Designer by trade, and he is also an exhibiting artist. Andrew has been part of the Backhouse marriage experiment with Kathryn since 2011 and lives in High Harrogate.

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