In today's world, everyone seems to be in a hurry, always heading towards some close destination. But sometimes, it's good to slow down. That's what ‘Slow Media' is about – taking it easy and enjoying things. One great example of this is a radio show called ‘Out There Together' on Harrogate Community Radio.

What’s slow media?

Think of Slow Media as the opposite of fast food. Instead of quickly moving to the next thing, it's about taking your time and really enjoying it. Tom Marsh does this beautifully as he talks about his walks in Yorkshire. The show, Out There Together is like a calm walk in the Yorkshire countryside without leaving your house. For those who couldn't go out much during the lockdown – maybe because they're older or not feeling well – this show is a breath of fresh air.

Slow Media is a bit like taking a long, relaxed walk instead of a quick run. It's about enjoying things at a steady pace and not rushing through them. When you think about media, like TV shows or radio, Slow Media means they don't rush things, and they give you time to really get into the story or music.

In many ways, Slow Media is the opposite of those quick videos or songs that come and go in a flash. It asks people to take their time, to listen or watch more closely, and to enjoy the moment. It's a calm and more thoughtful way to enjoy media. Here is an example of Slow Media…

Why slow media now?

With the pandemic, many of us had to slow down. Some found it hard, but others liked the change. ‘Out There Together' fits this slower feel, giving us a break from busy days. Get in touch with us on Fb / T / IG to voice your opinion, maybe?

The best bit about Slow Media is feeling connected. Instead of quickly moving on, you get to truly enjoy and feel a part of something. One of the most enchanting aspects of Slow Media is its emphasis on connection over rapid consumption. It prioritises engagement and immersion.

It's an invitation to exhale, recline, and relish the splendours of our surroundings. We, at Harrogate Community Radio, couldn’t be prouder to feature ‘Out There Together' – a beacon of Slow Media, celebrating the joy of life's journey. ‘Out There Together' might not be loud and flashy, but it's warm and comforting. It's a nice change of pace, and it helps people relax. We're really happy to have this show on Harrogate Community Radio and we hope it will continue in to the future.

Thanks for reading, Andrew Backhouse.

Admin Andrew

Admin Andrew

Andrew is actually one of the Founders of HCR – he volunteers as chief cat-herder to organise the station. Andrew is a Designer by trade, and he is also an exhibiting artist. Andrew has been part of the Backhouse marriage experiment with Kathryn since 2011 and lives in High Harrogate.

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