I take great pleasure in being an admin, a head-volunteer, of Harrogate Community Radio. And, I hope to share a bit about the essence of community radio – try and answer the question “What is community Radio?”. In short, I like to picture it as the local pub of the airwaves – familiar, inviting, and distinctly our safe space. These stations are woven into the fabric of the communities they serve, reflecting local interests, needs, and characters.

What Is Community Radio?

It's not all about music, although that's a significant part. Community radio is a conduit for local opinions, educational content, and vital discussions about issues impacting our neighbourhoods. It's a real-time chronicle of our local life, from grassroots drama to being a launchpad to further greatness.

Integral to community radio is its celebration of local talent. It's where our homegrown artists, bands, and DJs find an audience. Community Radio Stations often champion music and content that mainstream channels might overlook, presenting a delightful array of unique and intriguing sounds.

Run by dedicated volunteers, these stations offer a platform for individuals to contribute their skills and learn new ones. It's as much an educational tool as it is a broadcasting medium. This involvement in the station fosters a sense of ownership and pride within the community.

Moreover, community radio plays a pivotal role in advocating for social change. It brings to the fore issues that might otherwise escape the attention of larger media entities, fostering dialogue and understanding within the community.

Inclusivity Is At The Heart Of What Is Community Radio.

Inclusivity is at the heart of community radio. It ensures a diverse range of voices is heard, embracing the variety within our community. Whether it’s a programme in another language or discussions on topics relevant to different groups, inclusivity is paramount.

In our ever-increasingly globalised world, where international content is incessantly at our fingertips, community radio keeps us connected to our roots. It’s a gentle reminder of the significance of local connections and the unique charm of our own neighbourhoods.

Concluding What Is Community Radio

In summary, community radio is more than just a media outlet; it's a living, breathing part of our community's identity, culture, and spirit. It encourages local engagement, supports emerging talent, and is a bastion of social cohesion. When you tune into your local station, remember, you're part of something larger – a community in the truest sense.

So, from your station manager, keep listening and stay engaged. Our community's voice is indeed a powerful and necessary thread in the rich tapestry of our local life. And, get in touch if you want a show on the station.

Admin Andrew

Admin Andrew

Andrew is actually one of the Founders of HCR – he volunteers as chief cat-herder to organise the station. Andrew is a Designer by trade, and he is also an exhibiting artist. Andrew has been part of the Backhouse marriage experiment with Kathryn since 2011 and lives in High Harrogate.

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