Are you tired of feeling like your work isn't making an impact? Do you wish there was something more meaningful you could do with your free time? Well, thanks to a new AI system, I have been able to ask a question to a chatbot based on the thinking of Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher. I asked him “What is the point of volunteering your time to entertain strangers, who you may never meet?” This is his answer…

In short, consider volunteering some of your talent or skills for others' enjoyment! The benefits aren’t just altruistic – they’ll help YOU out too! It will increase your overall health and well-being, while providing people enjoyment and comfort. Also, you might even gain public recognition!

But first things first: what would it involve?

Volunteer activities are about showing your personality online and offline. For example, writing fan-fiction, drawing original artwork, creating cosplay costumes, performing music covers, teaching how to play video games, running RPGs… or volunteering your time with Harrogate Community Radio.

The possibilities are endless!

By sharing these unique works via various social media platforms, communities form between creators, consumers, critics and commenters alike. And through collaboration (i.e., “crossovers”), larger projects emerge which reach broader audiences.

But at its core this activity is local; it occurs at libraries, parks, cafes, and schools all across the globe. Anyone can get involved; it doesn’t take any special training, experience or education beyond enthusiasm! Just jump right in – everyone supports beginners here!

You could join existing groups to volunteer time toward future events, or start hosting activities yourself for neighbours nearby. Even a small effort reaches many more than you expect, and has a measurable impact upon individuals and society at large.

Now let’s talk about the rewards.

This is perhaps obvious already – there are direct psychological benefits from spending more time focusing on self-expression instead of merely consuming the creations of others. Not only does it improve mental health, but producing content results in higher levels of life satisfaction, reduced stress, increased resilience against depression, and greater general physical health.

When others react positively towards your efforts, the dopamine released into your system acts in much the same way as exercise to boost motivation and pleasure. What other volunteer option directly provides such a powerful personal benefit? Even when appreciated simply locally, there are positive effects throughout society.

Admin Andrew

Admin Andrew

Andrew is actually one of the Founders of HCR – he volunteers as chief cat-herder to organise the station. Andrew is a Designer by trade, and he is also an exhibiting artist. Andrew has been part of the Backhouse marriage experiment with Kathryn since 2011 and lives in High Harrogate.

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