As I type this up, Bespoke is broadcasting his “Twisted Discotheque” show here in Harrogate Community Radio and we are getting ready for Galaxy Wolf In Space playing some of the best outrun and post-Disco. But, Autumn and all its mellow fruitfulness is settling in… We have the launch of two new series. The first was today and the second is in the coming week – here is a bit about them…

I Watched A Movie!

Join Jack Sinclair and Claire Adams every week for an exploration of cinema past, present, and future. Your movie-buff hosts will bring a critical eye, a random movie fact, and the big questions on this week’s list of movies. If your last cinema experience involved stale pop-corn then consider this the matinee alternative. 5/5* – Find out more HERE.

Tamla Motown – The Singles

Graham is an avid collector of the Tamla-Motown singles that were released in the UK between 1965-1976. The rare ones, the charting ones and the ones no-one else has heard. In fact, he has all of them! So, as a station we thought it would be interesting to play some of Tamla-Motown’s famous singles, and the not-so-famous ones in order of release and give a bit of a back story to them. You will be lucidly guided through the history of the iconic label and the changes that occurred over the years.

You can find out more about this show HERE.

There are all of your favourite shows ready for you to toe-dip into as well as a heap of undiscovered gems. We hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for listening, The HCR Team.

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