Are you interested in listening to French or Italian music? What about Italian hip-hop and the French pop? Me too! See, this Sunday, we have Hannah, a Ripon Grammar School pupil studying A-Levels, making a show as part of her work experience. Hannah has been working closely with me, at a distance, as we walked through how to make a show and what was required of a presenter.

So, if you are keen to have a go at making a show – jump on this invite! We welcome everyone here at HCR: we have DJs who are teens and we have DJs in their seventies – we have an open door…

hannah burfield work experience hcr - Harrogate Radio Station

Above, you can see the artwork for Hannah's show and you can read about Hannah's show HERE.

What can you expect? Well, French pop, Italian Hip-Hop, Rock and Soul and even more choice cuts from t'other side of the channel. Hannah has agreed to broadcast again and we hope it will turn in to a monthly thing – we are very impressed by Hannah!

If you are interested in having a go at making a show then please get in contact with me – have a read HERE of what is needed for you to have your own show. We have tried to make it so everyone in Harrogate can have a go at making a broadcast. It'll be reet! 👍

As a quick point, the Events board is starting to be used – so if you have a public event in Harrogate that you wish to tell people about then please fill in the form on the Events Page. You can find the form HERE. It is pretty straight forward and if you get stuck contact me by pressing reply to this email.

So, thanks for your time.

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