In the heart of North Yorkshire, Harrogate Community Radio has been a beacon of creativity and community spirit for the past four years. With its mission of being “Radio by the community, for the community,” this exclusively online platform has become a hub for diverse sounds, innovative stories, and shared passions.

A Hub for Spoken Word Content

Spoken word remains a shining gem in the radio's line-up. Regie, from Destination Venus, Harrogate's independent comic book shop, offers insight into the comic world, while the poetic allure of short stories is brought to life by Karen Thornton, Harrogate's former head of Library Services. Need a dose of ‘slow radio'? Let Tom Marsh, from Open Country, transport you to peaceful landscapes and contemplative moments.

Passion in Every Tune and Turn

The beauty of Harrogate Community Radio is how it's crafted. Volunteer hosts pour their heart and soul into each broadcast. From the hypnotic melodies of “To Etherea & Beyond” featuring shoegaze and electronica, to the rhythmic beats of “Roots Conversation” giving us roots reggae vibes, or a journey through the iconic singles of Tamla-Motown, there’s a treasure trove of content. But, don’t just take our word for it. Dive deep into our website and discover the musical mosaic yourself.

Community at its Core

Harrogate Community Radio is more than just radio; it's an embodiment of community spirit. Powered by dedicated volunteers, each show reflects the town's ethos – a pursuit towards a Utopia of equality. The station champions its hosts, encouraging them to create their own unique space, free from constraints (with just a respectful nod to avoiding swear words).

Tuned In and Connected

With a dedicated following primarily through our user-friendly mobile app, Harrogate Community Radio is more than just a one-way broadcast. It's an interactive experience. Engage with us on social media, from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, using the handle @HarrogateRadio. And for those who cherish periodic updates, our non-spammy email newsletter is just a click away.

Breakfast with Toby

Special shoutout to Toby Lipatti-Mesme, the charismatic host of HCR Breakfast. His energy is contagious, making mornings in Harrogate brighter.

Join the Movement

New ideas and shows are always brewing at Harrogate Community Radio, and everyone's invited to be a part of this audio journey. For those looking to catch up on missed episodes, don't forget to explore the ‘Listen Again‘ page.

In the words of Harrogate Community Radio's ethos – this is by the community and for the community. So, why not become a part of the community? Tune in, turn up the volume, and celebrate the beauty of diverse sounds and thoughts.

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