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Drop some coins in the cup in the footer of the site. See the cup in the bottom right of the window you are looking at now? It sort of floats there, regardless of how you scroll… well, if you drop some coins in the cup then you will be supporting independent, advert-free radio here in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. And, it costs less than you'd imagine…

We are asking for £2/month or £20/year for you to become a Member of Harrogate Community Radio.

I have been doing a bit of research and this is a similar price to a pint of Sam Smiths at The Gardeners Arms. £2/month is a lot less than most not-for profit bodies request from their members. And, if you do not want to become a full blown member, feel free to make a one-off donation. All you need to do is head to www.harrogateradio.link/donate and have a poke around. It is all done through PayPal or Stripe – we do not know your details and these Payment options are as strong as your Banking app.

If you do not want to become a Member of the station, you can chip in for a one-off donation of £5, £10, £15.

We do realise that giving to not-for-profits is a privilege. We do not expect to be inundated with offers of Membership. But, if you do dig Craig J's Four On The Floor, Cass & Harper's Good Pop / Bad Pop – or, you like the quieter side of the broadcast like #OutThereTogether or Sunday Shorts then we hope you want to see its continuation.

The idea to drop some coins in the cup is not a new one – we have had the system of patronage going for a while. But, we did not want to price it out of anyones grasp; so we have lowered the cost of becoming a member by 60% – £2 a month is a lot to a number of people but we are hoping that those who £2 a month is not much will help carry the load. To find out more click HERE.

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