The Global Stage and Our Local Contribution

In late November, the world's eyes turn to the United Arab Emirates for the COP28 talks, a crucial global gathering to address the climate crisis. As leaders and negotiators work tirelessly to keep our world within the safe warming limit of 1.5 degrees, a threshold scientists warn is slipping away, the UK is gearing up to make its own impact.

Community radio stations across the UK, including Harrogate Community Radio, are dedicating a special week of programming leading up to COP28. From Monday 20th November to Sunday 26th November, Community Radio schedules will focus not just on the climate crisis but also on celebrating our planet's wonders.

To play our part, HCR have set aside an hour's worth of broadcasting 8am to 9am – there is a special, feature recording scheduled for each day of the week.

As Harrogate Community Radio prepares to join this nationwide initiative, we're not just participating in a campaign but contributing to a crucial global conversation. This is our chance to educate, inspire, and engage our community in one of the most pressing issues of our time. Let's make our voices heard and our actions count.

You may be wondering how we will help? Well, we will do what we do best and broadcast specialist and curated shows.

These special broadcasts will be heard between 8am and 9am, Monday 20th to Friday 24th – if you miss the live broadcast then there is the opportunity to listen again to one of the five pieces. Just click here to find the OEW show, or go via the Shows page. Each piece was made using found audio by Andrew Backhouse, who has a hand in the station.

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