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In my last blog, I wrote about starting my new storytelling show, Sunday Shorts. To be frank, I wasn't 100% overjoyed with this name, but had a bit of a creative block to think of anything better that hadn't already been used.

Then, I was struck by genius – or rather – a genius! I am super lucky to have a friend called Andrew Backhouse. He is the sort of guy whose mind is constantly ideating, creating, doing. He drew me this picture for my show

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I loved it immediately, and although Andrew had other ideas this is the one that captured the essence of what I had in mind for the show.

Why? Firstly, I am reading stories out of copyright, which immediately ages them and this drawing is reminiscent of early 20th century book illustrations. Second, it captures the spirit of the show – a break away from the noise of daily life, a bit of down time just for you. An escape.

So the show is renamed already, but that's OK. They call it ‘continuous improvement'. “Idling : A Storytime for Grown ups” is here for you. Tune in on the first Sunday of the month at 11am, or look it up with the Listen Again option.

There is also the option to remember this link: www.harrogateradio.link/idling

It's such a great drawing, Andrew is making it available as the t-shirt below…

Treat yourself to a moment of idleness, find your comfy spot, and let me tell you a story. And, if you need creative design input, be sure to add Andrew to your shortlist – his website is here https://andrewbackhouse.design/

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Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton

Karen Thornton is the presenter of “Idling; A Storytime for grownups.” Ms Thornton is a fundraiser for MSF (Doctors Without Borders), and she also enjoys performing with her Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Houriat.

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