At our heart, community radio thrives on connection, music, and the vibrant exchange between hosts and listeners. It's the magic spark that keeps the tunes flowing and our spirits high. When you tune into a show that moves you, sharing your enjoyment isn't just appreciated; it's essential. Here's why reaching out matters and how you can do it:

Ways to Connect with Your Favourite Hosts

  • Social media shoutouts: Every show page on our website is equipped with social media links. Don't hesitate to use them to reach out. A quick tweet or a message on Instagram can make a host's day.
  • Preferred platform messages: Listen out for your host mentioning their favourite way to connect. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Twitter, or Instagram, they’re giving you a hint on how best to share your thoughts.
  • Mixcloud moments: Leaving a comment on Mixcloud, such as a simple “‘ave it!” is a breeze. It's a fantastic way to show your support and let them know their playlist hit the mark.
  • Website words: Utilise the commenting system on our HCR website. A quick “Thanks” on the post for their show lets the host know you're listening and loving their work.
  • Direct dialogue: Each Show page has a contact form that goes straight to the host. It’s a direct line for your feedback, questions, or even song requests. Fill it in; it's there for you.

The Impact of Your Feedback

Preventing Radio Silence: Imagine crafting a show, selecting each track, and speaking into the mic, only to be met with silence. Without listener feedback, hosts are left wondering if their efforts are reaching anyone. It's akin to playing an epic solo to an empty room. Feedback is the applause that encourages more performances. It's a simple equation: no feedback might lead to no shows.

Fuel for Future Shows: Your comments, messages, and shoutouts are more than just digital high-fives. They're invaluable insights. They help hosts gauge what's resonating with you, shaping future playlists and discussions. It's your way of being part of the creative process, influencing the direction of the shows you love.

A Community Effort: At its core, community radio is about bringing people together, creating a shared space for enjoyment and discovery. By engaging, you're not just supporting the hosts; you're strengthening the fabric of our entire community. It's a collective effort to keep the vibes positive and the music flowing.

Let's Connect!

We're all about making connections that count. Whether it's through a heartfelt message, a quick comment, or a shoutout on social media, your feedback is the lifeline of community radio. It's what keeps our hosts motivated, our playlists fresh, and our community vibrant. So, next time you're nodding along to a beat or discovering a new favourite track, remember to reach out and share the love. Your voice matters, and it could be the very thing that keeps the music playing.

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