So, we are knee-deep in to our second week of broadcasting. We have learned a lot from the first week and we are moving on with the second week's instalment of shows. But, what do we have to tell you? Well, there is still a lot that you need to know when you tune in to the station.

The main thing we get asked is if we have a schedule. The schedule is on the front page and it is also available in the menu. We do not have a full schedule – preferring to schedule the appropriate shows at the appropriate time. In the times we do not have a scheduled show we often play a repeat of a show from the back-catalogue of the syndicated shows we already play. This can include Guerrilla Dub System's Roots Conversation, The Parish News or Sound Of Wonder amongst others.

So, we are still looking for broadcasters – if you think you have the level of commitment needed to broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio then our Call To Action for Broadcasters is available on the Home Page.

We will welcome anyone with the enthusiasm and determination to see their project through. We are up for talk shows and music shows – so, if you're mad about metal, potty about punk, serious about Soul or just like to natter then get in contact. We can be reached at

In the meantime, there is a big PLAY Button in the footer, if you are accessing the site for a laptop or mobile.

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