Community radio serves as the heartbeat of local communities. Its role extends far beyond the traditional confines of news, entertainment, and music broadcasting. Community radio stations have an incredible potential to breathe life into community events by providing a platform to amplify local voices, promote inclusivity, and foster a shared sense of identity. A key aspect of realising this potential lies in the visibility of the radio station and its DJs at local events.

Engaging DJs in community events plays a significant role in bridging the gap between the station and its audience. When DJs are physically present, spinning records, announcing local news, or conducting live interviews, they create a tangible connection with the community, serving as the personification of the radio station. This interaction fosters a sense of belonging among community members, reminding them that their radio station is a part of their everyday lives, not just a voice coming out of their radio speakers.

Visibility also generates a ripple effect of benefits. When community members see their radio station at local events, it reminds them of the importance and relevance of local media, subsequently encouraging support and engagement. Moreover, it enables the station to attract new listeners, ensuring the continued growth and sustainability of the platform.

In an era where global media often overshadows local news and events, community radio stations play a pivotal role in preserving and celebrating the uniqueness of our local communities. By actively participating and being visible at community events, these stations reaffirm their commitment to the community, strengthening their identity as the true voice of the people.

west fest - Harrogate Radio Station

Western Primary School Summer Fete

We were thrilled to bring our unique sound to “West Fest,” Western Primary School's annual Summer Fete. Our very own DJ Scooby and Andrew Backhouse graced the decks, spinning tunes that mesmerised the crowd.

We owe a huge thank you to Allan Smyth Audio Visual for supplying top-notch equipment that allowed us to carry our sounds across the festival grounds. For those considering an event of their own, we can't recommend Allan's professional audio-visual services enough.

Now, let's talk about the weather. It was a classic English summer's day – the sun was shining generously, with a gentle breeze acting as nature's air conditioning and the inevitable rain shower. It was so pleasant that DJ Scooby and Andrew didn't even notice they were soaking up more than just the energetic festival atmosphere. They ended the day with a comedy sunburn, a testament to their dedication and the vibrant spirit of this wonderful community event.

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Admin Andrew's Comedy Sunburn – We won't show you his face!

As a station deeply rooted in community engagement, Harrogate Community Radio is always eager to amplify your events with our unique blend of music. From school fetes to local festivals, our talented DJs can create the perfect soundtrack to complement the energy and spirit of your gathering.

Moreover, we can equip your event with a professional-grade sound system, thanks to our partnership with Allan Smyth Audio Visual. It's all part of our commitment to providing you with a seamless experience, ensuring your event resonates with everyone in attendance.

While we are passionate about serving our community, we operate primarily on the generosity of our listeners and supporters. To cover our costs and ensure the continuity of our service, we kindly ask for a donation to the station in return for our DJ and sound system services at your event.

Your contributions not only support our station but also ensure we can continue playing an integral role in our vibrant community. By entrusting your event to Harrogate Community Radio, you're not just getting a DJ and sound system, you're investing in local media, in the voices and stories that weave the tapestry of our unique community.

Thank you for considering Harrogate Community Radio for your event. We look forward to filling your day with music and helping create memories that last a lifetime.


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