Here at Harrogate Community Radio, we have commissioned three new series for broadcast. We had some people leave us, and we had some people join us. We have sorted the schedule, and it is well-balanced. Here are the shows…

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Foodinati UK’s Music To Cook To!

Every third Saturday of the month George 601 (one half of 601 and producer and host of Foodinati UK) brings you a mix of the freshest new dance music specially selected at an optimum groove to cook to (120-125 bpm it’s like 200 Degrees it’s good most things in the home kitchen) so if you have to get prepped for tomorrow’s sunday roast we have your soundtrack covered.

Welcome to what we like to think is the most important part of any cook, the groove you cook at!

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Certified Tonk

Music lovers!

Interested in exploring something new? Join Free Music veteran and broadcaster, Andrew Backhouse, as he uncovers Improv & Free Music in all its many forms.

The radio show, Certified Tonk, will explore the impact of Free Music & Improv in our lives and culture — playing all sounds from live performances to unheard tunes.

Give your ears a break from your regular playlist and catch the new series on Harrogate Community Radio.

Tune in Wednesdays at 23:30 for Certified Tonk with Andrew Backhouse.

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The Allan Smyth Show

On this show, Allan plays tunes that stuck out over the years as major influences for my own music production or just stuck out as great pieces of harmonic creativity.

Sometimes the lyrics were important too, many messages have made their way out into the world community through the musings of creatives, and sometimes it’s just pure musical wizardry.

From Rock to Disco there are so many classics to explore, and in this show’s case in no particular order, no particular Genre or period. Think of it as a tribute to John Peel and Humphrey Littleton who both influenced my thinking in very different ways.

Allan runs Creao Studio in Harrogate where many great things are made, I hope I can add this show to that constantly expanding list.

I hope you enjoy this voyage as much as I will making it.

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