We are pleased to announce that we have updated our mobile app. You did know you can download an app for the station from the App Store or Google Play? Well, read on…

The app was designed by Admin Andrew as part of his day job – we are over the moon with the work he did with it. For more on Andrew's day job see www.andrewbackhouse.design.

The Home Screen has been completely redesigned. We hope that is an improvement for you; it seems to be a hit with the hosts!

Andrew added improved options within the app – there is now a proper listen again page within the app and we have the Twitter feed embedded. We are working on having the schedule there, too – but that will take time.

To find the iOS (Apple) version of the app head HERE.

To find the Android version head to Google Play HERE.

We would be keen to hear feedback on the app – we can only improve it if we know what you want with the app. There is a feedback form on this site, ready for your input. We look forward to hearing from you.

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