Well, I am chuffed – as are the rest of the Admin. Scooby, Allan and myself would not have thought that a plan hatched on a balmy summers night in 2019 would have had the legs it has had to reach one year old. And, what support we have picked up on the way. Not just the listeners, but also the hosts – we are still growing at a rate of knots and we have no plans to slow down.

The first show we played on Harrogate Community Radio was the pilot for The Galaxy Wolf in Space show – Scooby was close to tears, I was approaching melt-down and Allan was looking for more premium lager in the studio fridge. We have come a long way since then. And, our professionalism has increased as a result. We started out as a trio of idealists – hoping to share our passions on the local airwaves. We have ended up with a station that is the beating heart of the community.

I (Andy) would like to say ‘thanks' to Allan and Scooby for keeping me in-line and making me do what I (inadvertently) love doing. It is not easy to spend night after night looking after servers and managing the day to day admin for the station, and it certainly isn't glamorous! Allan and Scooby have been the support I have needed. Cheers guys!

On behalf of the station admin, I would like to thank you, the listener – we would be playing to an audience of three if it was not for you. An example of this is; I have just returned from a meeting for my day job. It was the first time I had met the client. And she is an HCR listener and loved the station! I would never have thought we would have that level of coverage within the first twelve months. We have The Advertiser and The Stray Ferret to thank for writing features on us for that, but word of mouth is mainly how we are getting found…

Personally, I would also like to thank all of the hard working hosts who prepare and produce a show for the station. It would be a dull broadcast if it was just the admin on all the time and I am loving the way the station is panning out. Everyone at the station is a volunteer – so, if you want a go at making a show please get in contact – there is the Open Call for broadcasters on the home page.

If you have shimmied to Four On The Floor before going out or got mellow with The Jazz Show. If you have danced around to some of the excellent Saturday night programming or you have chilled out on a Friday with Roots Conversation, the reggae radio show – there is always a show being broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio – press the play button in your browser to tune in. So all that is left for me to say, on behalf of the admin and the other hosts, thank you for listening! Harrogate Community Radio; radio by the community, for the community.

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