Well, we have reached 3 years old – today is the station's Birthday! Where have the years flown? What have we become?

We were founded on Yorkshire Day 2019 and we have kept going despite the pandemic, funding crises and Admin melt-downs. The remit of the station was to give the people of Harrogate a voice; to make a stand against mediocracy and present our musical passions for you to tune in. And, I think we remain true to our original goal.

Yet a roll call of the presenter's names would make for dull reading; so, I will leave it at “Thank you for all you do x.” They are the station! The number of hosts is slowly growing and we are always on the lookout for new ideas and new shows.

And where would we be without our listenership? It would be a pretty pointless station if nobody tuned in; so, even if you have tried out Scooby's Sound Of Wonder or Roots Conversation, Apero Time or Mellow Tones for a couple of minutes then thank you very much.

There is such a wide array of content on Harrogate Community Radio that you will not hear this mix anywhere else. And, that makes me swell with pride.

So, thank you for being part of the journey… here is to the future of HCR! Now go on, tune in…

Thanks for listening.

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