Ever had those fleeting moments where you dreamt of broadcasting your own show, sharing your music, and connecting with an audience? Think you lack the skills or knowledge? Let Harrogate Community Radio be your stepping stone to making that dream a reality.

A Station for the Community, by the Community

Harrogate Community Radio embodies the true essence of community spirit. We’re not just a radio station; we’re a family of passionate volunteers committed to amplifying the voices of Harrogate’s residents. We believe in the power of the ‘little guy’, and that’s precisely who we’re here for.

Beginners Welcome!

No prior experience? No worries! Our station is especially keen on nurturing amateur broadcasters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes, we have a space for you.

Your Show, Your Rules

All show formats are welcome. Start with an hour-long slot, either weekly or bi-weekly. There’s no central playlist. You have the full liberty to select your music, though you’ll need to provide it. Imagine the thrill of curating your playlist!

Learn with Admin Andrew

Worried about the technical bits? Admin Andrew, one of our dedicated team members, will personally meet you at a studio and guide you on recording your show. We provide the software, and guess what? You don’t need sophisticated broadcasting equipment. Your smartphone will do just fine.

Inspiration Corner: Jess Bayley’s Journey

To illustrate the potential of where your journey with us can lead, consider Jess Bayley. She began her broadcasting journey as a Uni placement with us and is now freelancing with the BBC! While we don’t take credit, we’re over the moon about her success.

Joining is Simple

Got a show idea? Pitch it to our station. Our friendly admin team will review it, and chances are, you’ll get a resounding ‘yes’. We’ll even help design your show’s artwork.

Our Mission

Harrogate Community Radio isn’t just about broadcasting; it’s about community impact. By offering a platform for the underserved voices, we aim to make Harrogate an even better place.

Scheduling and Slots

While you bring in the creativity, our admin team will assign the time slots, ensuring a diverse range of programs for our listeners at all times.

In the world of radio, it’s not about perfection; it’s about passion. At Harrogate Community Radio, we champion passion over perfection. So, if you’re spirited about sharing your love for punk, soul, metal, pop, or any genre, hop on. Your radio journey awaits, and we promise it’s going to be exciting! Now, go read the correct page

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