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February saw a few changes in the show. Firstly, the music. Gone have the remixes of classics dance tracks & RNB reimagining’s and replaced with only brand-new music, most only released that week. Less is more. I’m trying (really trying) to “let the music play”, so now the shows have less tracks but much more […]

“It’s all about the House music”, someone once said. Four on The Floor is just that, all about House music, nothing else, I’ll bring you a packed hour of great House music. Do you love nothing more than “hearing it first”? then this show is right up your street. Join me as I trawl through […]

As we all settle down for a VERY different Xmas, I wanted to try to start the festivities off with a BANG!!! So here goes. This week’s show, Episode 73, is all about PARTY!!! Now I didn’t to go down the road of full-on cheese, as that’s not what Four on the Floor is about, […]

As we all enter lockdown #2 I wanted to put together an hour of music that every listener, old and new, young or old would like something in there, and hopefully I have. There’s a bit of 70’s disco, something from the 80’s, classic 90’s and of course some nice shiny new stuff too, oh […]

I thought I would write a short blog post about my show tonight, so you know a bit about what to expect. Four On The Floor broadcasts at 8pm every Saturday. You are welcome to tune in whether there is a pandemic or not, but it has become some people’s source of club hits when […]

Well this week’s show is what you would call a “mixed bag”. I start proceedings off with a sure-fire hit from Gok Wan, yes Gok Wan, ably assisted by the genius that is Craig Knight and songstress Kele Le Roc. I’ve a Sillaz remix of Dr. Dre’s Next Episode, there’s the brand-new track by LOtheif, […]

On show 59, first aired on September 12th. This week’s show has only the 25 tracks in it. Three of them are from Calvin Harris, including a great remix of We Found Love by Jamie Williams, very much piano. There are great remixes of Feel So Close and One Kiss, bookending the show. There’s a […]

On Show #58 of Four On The Floor, first aired on September 5th, there is a MASSIVE 23 spanking brand-new tracks. Now I’m not going to tell you about every track in the show, you’ll have to listen, I’m just pointing out a few that are definitely worth a listen out for. Starting off with […]

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