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This is a guest post by Zero-Carbon Harrogate who we have invited to Blog every month, so I will let them say their part: As we start to see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel our thoughts are naturally turning to the things we have missed over the last year or so, and […]

As part of Harrogate Community Radio’s efforts to offset our Carbon Emissions, we have invited Zero Carbon Harrogate to be a Guest Blogger. This is the 1st of their posts: Where do you stand on climate change? Are you someone who constantly thinks of nothing else, just have a passing interest or perhaps rather sceptical […]

As a station, we are trying to limit our environmental impact; if we are to avoid runaway climate change we must help Zero Carbon Harrogate fight to make the Harrogate District carbon neutral by 2030. So, as a radio station, we have become members of the Zero Carbon Harrogate group. As a community, we need […]

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