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The 1st Newsletter of the year, it was mailed out New Year’s Day 2021: We would say that we are glad to see the back of 2020. It was a terrible year for many – not one to remember fondly. But, there were some good points to the year; babies were born, people got married […]

Looking forward to the weekend? We are! I’ve decided we haven’t had quite enough time off in 2020 so there is a good weekend’s worth of Radio for you to kick back to. As I type this – there is The Blues Show with Gary Grainger on in the background. Then, the Indie Show on […]

DJ TREV IS BACK! DJ Trev returns to Harrogate Community Radio with a new show at a new time. Broadcasting fourth Saturday of the month at 9pm - expect straight up BANGERS 💥 ... wait, that's THIS SATURDAY AT 9PM! Dj Trev's first ALL NEW Mix Tape show has Trev making a special cassette of his favourite tunes [...]

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