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I launched The Weekend Playlist after simply wanting to share as much great dance & house music as I could. I’m fortunate to have the contacts to get sent a lot of new music every week, over 500 new tracks in February alone. So, I decided to see if the bosses at Harrogate Community Radio […]

I set myself a challenge last week to try and listen to more radio, specifically Harrogate Community Radio. However, this Blog post references my hero, Don Quixote, the hidalgo from La Mancha. Some would say running an online radio station in a media saturated environment is a bit like Don Quixote’s Quest… but it all […]

February saw a few changes in the show. Firstly, the music. Gone have the remixes of classics dance tracks & RNB reimagining’s and replaced with only brand-new music, most only released that week. Less is more. I’m trying (really trying) to “let the music play”, so now the shows have less tracks but much more […]

“It’s all about the House music”, someone once said. Four on The Floor is just that, all about House music, nothing else, I’ll bring you a packed hour of great House music. Do you love nothing more than “hearing it first”? then this show is right up your street. Join me as I trawl through […]

Hi, I am Dj Trev and I will be joining you for another monthly mixture of mixed tunes, mixed messages, mixed up emotions and mixed results. On side one of his cassette this month I’ll play Soul, Rare Groove, Funk and 80s big beats. On the flip side it’s pure 90s Speed Garage. So whilst […]

In my last blog, I wrote about starting my new storytelling show, Sunday Shorts. To be frank, I wasn't 100% overjoyed with this name, but had a bit of a creative block to think of anything better that hadn't already been used. Then, I was struck by genius - or rather - a genius! I [...]

At the end of last year, the Guild of British Beer Writers announced its annual awards, among them the award for Brewer of the Year, sponsored by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA). That award went to Harrogate’s own Oliver Fozard from the Rooster’s Brewery. I’d interviewed Ol last year about his work to raise […]

Hi, I am Andy & I’d like to talk about Open Country and their show #OutThereTogether. Why? Because it is genius, that is why – but, first I have to state a case for it. I admit I am biased when it comes to ‘this sort of thing’ because I do ‘this sort of thing’ […]

When I had the idea for Open Aspect, I envisaged chatting with interesting folk from the Harrogate District. I thought it would bring something a bit different to the station, with an open minded and specifically local flavour. It started out strongly enough, but as the pandemic took hold of the way we live I […]

As we all settle down for a VERY different Xmas, I wanted to try to start the festivities off with a BANG!!! So here goes. This week’s show, Episode 73, is all about PARTY!!! Now I didn’t to go down the road of full-on cheese, as that’s not what Four on the Floor is about, […]

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