Drop some coins in the cup in the footer of the site. See the cup in the bottom right of the window you are looking at now? It sort of floats there, regardless of how you scroll... well, if you drop some coins in the cup then you will be supporting independent, advert-free radio here [...]
Harrogate Community Radio has a new way fo helping its financial backers - we rely on the good will of the people of Harrogate and our listenership at large. We need donations to survive. Part of this is a Membership plan for people who want to commit to helping the station out for the long [...]

That was Sunday – and, soon it’ll be Christmas; Friday to be exact. This blog post is scheduled to go out on Monday. So, we will see how the country is fairing in the wake of the Lock Down 3.0 that was recently announced. We had the excellent To Etherea and Beyond opening the day […]

Now then, a lot of work is going in to the Christmas schedule for Harrogate Community Radio. The show hosts are pulling out all of the stops and making sure that you will be entertained over the festive break. If you want to see the festive schedule I have made a page especially for it... [...]

Tuck in to The Sunday Sessions on Harrogate Community Radio – they’re proper good! But, what are The Sunday Sessions? Well, we have cleared a gap in the schedule on a Sunday at 4pm til 6pm – every Sunday of the calendar month. This time-slot will be the opportunity for local DJs to get really […]

In this Blog Post I am writing about how you, the public, can help your favourite presenter on Harrogate Community Radio during the time of Coronavirus. Coronavirus is set for the long term with the British Government lagging behind the rest of the world in their response. This will cripple an already resource-starved NHS. It […]

As you may have seen on our Home Page, we have an events board. Sadly, it is a bit underused and neglected. We need your events to promote; we just need you to get in contact with us. We have it all ready, we just need you… We will promote your event for FREE! We […]

We are very pleased with the progress of our Friday scheduling. Opening the salvo on a Friday, at 5pm, is Gary Grainger with The Blues Show. It is a great show that sometimes plays the Grateful Dead as well as artists from years further back, when everything was black and white. Well, Gary has been […]

We all agree that HCR helps make Harrogate a better place. But there is an elephant in room that I will flag up before the post gets read. This is a post about what we spend the money on. Harrogate Community Radio is a not for profit organisation – all the money prescribed for HCR […]

*Puts on statistics glasses* You are amazing! People tuned in more than we expected in the past thirty days, over the Christmas break. And, I would like to thank you… As I write this, in the past thirty days there were 36,765 Listener Minutes for our small station. I am unsure if this was one […]

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