Why We Joined Zero Carbon Harrogate

Written by on March 13, 2021

As a station, we are trying to limit our environmental impact; if we are to avoid runaway climate change we must help Zero Carbon Harrogate fight to make the Harrogate District carbon neutral by 2030. So, as a radio station, we have become members of the Zero Carbon Harrogate group. As a community, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% each year over the next decade. On average, we each have a carbon footprint of about 10 tonnes of CO2 in the UK, per head. To give us a 60% chance of staying below 1.5 degree of global warming we need to halve our respective Carbon Footprint in the next 10 years.

One way to do this is through Carbon Offsetting; this is a way of compensating for those carbon emissions that we cannot completely eliminate from our own lives, by financially investing in projects that help to make equivalent reductions in carbon levels somewhere else.

Perhaps the first thing to say is that carbon offsetting is not a substitute for personal or corporate carbon reduction, it should be carried out in conjunction with actions which minimise emissions, as part of a lifestyle plan to become carbon neutral.

How Does Carbon Offsetting Work?

Offsetting relies on having projects available that can either capture carbon from the atmosphere, achieved most effectively by increasing the capacity of the natural world to absorb it, or that help reduce emissions from the burning of carbon based fuels to create energy. We do this through Tree Nation. Our forest is HERE.

Tree planting, forestry protection and peatland restoration make up the majority of the natural climate solution projects, whilst increasing the capacity of renewable energy generation or making energy use more efficient, are typical of projects to help reduce emissions.

When someone purchases an item of Harrogate Community Radio Merchandise then they will be offered the opportunity to plant a tree in a project, in an area being re-forested. But, they do not need to get their hands dirty. We have hooked up with Tree-Nation to allow folk to plant trees from the comfort of their own desk.

Our Personal Agenda

The admin of the station have a history of working towards a greener future. Between us, we have chaired Harrogate Greenpeace, sat on the board of Long Lands Common and worked in the field as environmental botanists.

We all realise it is not just a case of only caring for the environment so that the Cute-Fluffy Animals can survive. It is imperative for the future of the human race that we limit the extent of the change in Earth’s climate.

Our joining of Zero Carbon Harrogate is not an empty gesture – we are minimising our environmental impact as individuals as well as a station. We cannot throw money at the Climate Crisis from our position of influence and hope ‘someone else’ will do the hard work. We are rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty, so to speak.

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