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Making a show for broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio is a commitment – we will need you to supply what you say you can supply.

Please don't think we are hard task-masters; this is grown-up stuff. You will have the time of your life making these shows and making the mates you'll meet along the way. But, we need you to keep your side of the bargain…

Please have a look at the Open Call For Broadcasters and let me know what you think.

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In this document, I hope to try and persuade you to have a crack at producing your own radio show. Harrogate Community Radio is a community radio station that can be received on any modern type of mobile phone or computer – we can also be received on Smart Speakers (Sonos, Alexa etc.) and WiFi Radios. Essentially, anything connected to the internet.

1. Who Are We?

Harrogate Community Radio is an idea that a town can be united, across the scenes, in a greater love of music. We hope that people will listen to the broadcast to find out about local gigs, events, news – this revolution will be led by local DJs and hosts who have a passion for their town and the music here in. We will be broadcasting exclusively online, to start off with. We are looking for Radio Hosts – so, if you think you have the level of commitment needed please email Andy the idea for your show at

2. What? Why? Who?

We need broadcasters. We are now broadcasting and we need to populate the schedule – it was a rolling start in 2019 when we started broadcasting. So, if you are mad about Metal or serious about Soul then we might be able to help you get a larger audience. We are also on the lookout for spoken word shows – so, if you have a talk show within you then please get in contact with us and then we will / can start a dialogue.

3. Show Format

We are looking for shows that are half an hour, one-hour or two hours long. Sorry, it is a schedule thing. If you think you have an idea for a show email the admin of the station at – we can help talk you through the recording process – all you need is an idea for a show and the determination to see it through. Shows can be weekly, or monthly or bi-weekly.

4. Funding

We have self-funded this ourselves, to start off with. For the first six months the station will be financed by the committee who run it. The reason behind this was so we could get up and running as soon as possible. We will be seeking crowdfunding after that, in 2020. There is a Widget on the site for people to donate £2 and we hope to start putting on events, after Coronavirus has all gone away.

All of the DJs will be volunteering volunteers – even the management will be volunteering volunteers – it is after all a community radio station so we are doing this for the community, not profit.

5. Summing Up

First thing is first – we need your idea for a radio show. So, if you have a real passion for your music scene or you want to carry out interviews with local people as part of a talk show -or you just have something to say – please get in contact at

Your Radio Show

What You Need To Do

1. Come up with kick-ass concept.

Come up with the kick as idea for a show; will it contain music? Is it a talk show?

2. Submit pitch to the admin of the station.

Contact Andrew at and pitch your show – try and think why people would want to tune in to your show instead of scrolling around Spotify? Tell that reason to Andy…

3. Your show will go before the admin of the station.

Your show will go before the admin of the station to see where it will fit in.

4. Web page and schedule agreed upon.

Artwork, web page and the frequency / schedule of the shows are to be agreed upon.

5. You start broadcasting…

Go champ, go!

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