5 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening To Us

Written by on December 16, 2020

I (justifiably) reckon we are the best radio station in North Yorkshire. But, why the hell would I say that? Why should you listen to HCR? Because there is no other station like us in the area, that is why. We broadcast to everyone but especially we broadcast to the people who do not normally get a look in. We have such a broad range of shows that every taste is covered.

We have reggae radio shows, we have Nostalgia radio shows, we have metal and Indie shows, we have a heap of dance music radio shows – hell we even have World music shows!

We do not play adverts

We don’t play adverts. And, we never will. We are community orientated and we hope to raise the funds through charitable means.

We are community orientated

We speak through our broadcasters. So, if you have a point of view that you hope to get across, that fits with the station’s ethos, then we can help get you broadcasting.

We will help get you broadcasting

We can give you the software that you will need to broadcast. We hope to represent the whole community and to do so we need as wide a spectrum as possible. Get in contact after looking at the call to action. Although don’t worry, we will never throw you in the deep end. We are a community trying to make Harrogate a better place.

We are a community trying to make Harrogate a better place – we don’t want to make money

We are a micro-community within the community – we want to champion the people who need a helping hand. We are doing it because all of the hosts believe they want to make a difference in society, and be that difference.

Seriously, where else are you going to hear this? It’s Gold!

We have such an eclectic, varied line up – it is not all about the youth and it is not about easy listening. If you imagine 6Music, 1Xtra and Resonance Extra sitting down after a boozy night, trying to figure out who gave birth to what then you will get a whiff of what we are about. And, it is local!

To recap: there is no other radio like this. Hell, I have worked in radio for 12 years so I have a bit of an idea what I am on about. I love my job as the Cosmonaut steering Starship HCR – I hope you can join me for the ride and that you enjoy the broadcast. Andy x

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