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Written by on February 26, 2021

February saw a few changes in the show.

Firstly, the music. Gone have the remixes of classics dance tracks & RNB reimagining’s and replaced with only brand-new music, most only released that week.

Less is more. I’m trying (really trying) to “let the music play”, so now the shows have less tracks but much more of the track… letting the music play. No more 40 tracks in an hour shows, just top-quality music.

So, this month’s music… Otosan & Shadow Child Ft. Carrie Baxter, Right Here was my out & out favourite track, (hear me bang on about it on The Weekend Playlist, link below) but Black V Neck’s Them Girls was a very close second. A few others that deserve a mention Yolanda Be Cool (yes that Yolanda Be Cool) released, To Be Alone (Dillon Nathaniel Remix) worth a second listen & probably a third. Coeo, with Bliss & D.O.D with Sleepless shouldn’t be left out either.

The other thing I’m going to do, as it’s all brand-new music, every last Saturday of the month, I’ll dip back into the previous shows from that particular month & play a few, not all of the & they’ll still be a shed load of new stuff on the show, in February, more than half of the tracks were 1st time plays.

Third & finally, less chat, (hence more blogging, I think) I’m not going to bang on & on about every track, telling who produced it or which website you can getting from. I now…..let the music play. If you want to know about the tracks, simply email me or download the HCR app to your phone & click on chat, leave me a message if I’m not on air & I’ll answer when I can.

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