Four On The Floor #59

Written by on September 12, 2020

On show 59, first aired on September 12th. This week’s show has only the 25 tracks in it. Three of them are from Calvin Harris, including a great remix of We Found Love by Jamie Williams, very much piano. There are great remixes of Feel So Close and One Kiss, bookending the show.

There’s a good helping of new tracks, listen out for Bylina by Malaa, the Leen Vice remix, which has a massive piano sample, and Gene Farris’s track Tack Me Back, as stomping tech track. There’s the usual bootlegs & remixes, including a Hey Dan Remix of Naughty Girl, a Double D remix of Finally by of course Ce Ce Peniston, listen out for Yellow Submarine too. Enjoy.

When I listen to track, I always want the producer to tease the listener with the sample they use then deliver. I like a remix that “draws you in”, nothing too out there. Andthen’s track Gigolo is a good example of this, there’s nothing worse than a bootleg or remix that uses a great hook or vocal then just at the best part the producer just rips the original to pieces (it also ruins dance floors too). Gigolo keeps the essence of Buffalo Stance while making it fresh.

Also, another favourite of mine is a remix that gives the track a different angle, De Soffer’s remix of the 80’s classic Don’t You Want Me is the perfect example. De Soffer gives The Human Leagues party classic a whole 70’s disco feel, which is perfect and means a DJ can slip into another genre if they want to.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and then hopefully, I’ll see you on the dance floor.
See you next time,

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