Has Covid Changed Club Culture Forever?

Written by on March 6, 2021

Not my normal blog, looking back over the music of my shows. I thought I’d write this on the back of a question I asked on my February 25th show, The Weekend Playlist. Will the club scene be forever changed?

Since the 1st lockdown we’ve seen online streaming explode, after YouTube & Facebook became known as the copyright police & ignored the pleas from many a DJ, including Carl Cox, Sam Divine, Fatboy Slim and many more, asking both to take into consideration the unprecedented situation that the world was in. This fell on VERY deaf ears. This saw Mixcloud offer the world’s 1st legal live streaming service for DJ’s, giving DJ’s, & their fans, a platform.

Then there’s the dance & house music released in lockdown, has this changed? Some would say definitely, others would say, it’s just the same. I’m in the “it’s changed” camp. Firstly, dance & house has slowed a little, but the thing that has changed is the length of music. The average track length is now only about 3 minutes.

So, what’s this got to do with how COVID & Clubbing. We’ll personally I think it’s given music producers, that have a “proper job” the time & opportunity to create, which can only be a good thing. There’s definitely more music around & the quality bar has been raised.

Clubbing is a different animal, at the time of typing, February 2021, we’re still in complete lockdown & the club (& bar) industry is on its knees. The end is in sight… or is it, & what type of end, end of lockdown, end of clubbing? We all have opinions about haw the pandemic has been handled but I don’t feel this is the platform for getting political, so, I’m not going to bang on about what I think is right or wrong.

I think the industry will bounce back, quickly, & with some force too. BUT, not all venues, some have gone, some won’t make it to June. By June 2021 night clubs will have been closed 15 months, that’s a huge amount of lost revenue. Here’s a few stats. In 2019, according to Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) the leisure & events industry employed around 530,000 people in 25,000 businesses. According to Sky News in 2020 almost 10,000 premises, pubs, clubs & restaurants, closed permanently. A 175% rise compared with 2019.

As I step off my soap box & get back to matters in hand, has COVID forever changed House music / Clubbing, well yes it has, some of it for the better, as in music quality, & some not so, the closure of venues. So, when we’re allowed to go drinking, eating, & dancing, make the effort, cos you never know when it’ll no longer be there. Craig x

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