Mixed Tunes, Mixed Messages, Mixed Up Emotions

Written by on January 27, 2021

Hi, I am Dj Trev and I will be joining you for another monthly mixture of mixed tunes, mixed messages, mixed up emotions and mixed results. On side one of his cassette this month I’ll play Soul, Rare Groove, Funk and 80s big beats. On the flip side it’s pure 90s Speed Garage.

So whilst I’m clearly trying to give something for everyone, like a jack of all trades, I am indeed mastering none of them.

I introduce my show with a half hour set of songs I’ve discovered this month, and that’s all pretty old stuff too. I admit I talk over the first bit, but fortunately for you I shut up for the actual mix tape, but you’ve probably stopped listening by then, right?

If nothing else, I can promise you I am incredibly grateful to those of you who do listen to his show, like a wet dog is grateful for a towel. Coincidentally, “Wet Dog” is DJ Trev’s signature scent, available from Debenhams and other permanent fixtures on the bustling High Street.


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