I grew up in the 60’s at a time when pop music was just really starting to be heard on radio & TV.

In the early 60’s the only way a teenager could hear this wonderful music was on Radio Luxembourg and then on the pirate radio stations bobbing up & down on the North Sea like Radio Caroline. And remember they only had vinyl in those days!

Watch the film “The Boat That Rocked” for an idea of what life was like onboard one of those pirate ships then!

The Radio Caroline disc jockeys, as they were called then, became household names – Tony Blackburn (my hero), Dave Lee Travis, Emperor Rosko, Simon Dee (another hero of mine) and Johnnie Walker (still broadcasting on BBC Radio 2 by the way).

Finally, in 1967 the BBC caught the mood and Radio 1 was born with non-other than pirate DJ Tony Blackburn hosting the very first show.

From those early days I always wanted to be a DJ on the radio. I really, really really wanted to be one but a career, a mortgage and a family put all that on hold.

But my opportunity finally came and I have been broadcasting now for almost 7 years on local community radio and I love it. It is absolutely best job in the world.

So I hope you will join me as I try to create the atmosphere of those heady days with some of the best music ever written – The Sounds of the Sixties.

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