Coronavirus In Harrogate: Notes From A Pandemic #1

Written by on March 20, 2020

Notes from a Pandemic #1: Coronavirus in Harrogate. What can we do? Do I mean, what can we do as a station or what can we do as individuals? Our station can be received by anyone with an internet connection in Harrogate – but, we are not qualified to give medical advice and you should not take medical advice from anyone other than a trained professional. I am not going to give medical advice, this is a post about how a small, fledgling radio station can stand with you in unique times. We do not have many answers, in all honesty we are searching for them too, all we know is that we are trying to behave in a fashion that will make us proud of our behaviour when History looks back on us.

So, I have said that you will not find medical advice here in this post. If you are qualified to offer advice then get in contact – we could help you get broadcast on the station and we could help you help others.

  • Do you have a mild workout regime for those housebound? This could work on Video or audio?
  • Do you offer well-being tips for those who need them?
  • Do you offer a courier service for those isolating and needing food?

Get in contact! What you will find in this post is a call to action to help yourself if you find yourself in isolation and a way to help those in isolation with your own skillset. We are tech savvy and wanting to help.

However, if you are after medical advice, please have a look at the NHS Website. As of the time of writing (20th March 2020 02:38) you should go here: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ – good luck in your quest, young ‘un!

So, what can you do if you find yourself in isolation?

  1. Please email me at the station we might have surprising solutions and ideas up our sleeves.
  2. Join Covid Co-Operation, Harrogate – Link HERE!
  3. If you want to someone, join the Harrogate Community Radio Discord group – get the app! Then, scroll down and find out how to seek a hangout…
  4. Keep on listening to HCR!

I realise some of the above statements offer more questions than rhetorical answers, but we might be able to fill the time of a school age child who needs to create or help elderly folk by having a video natter with them – or anything that you want us to help you with. We can send ‘easy to follow’ instructions on how to go about these things – this will be by email or phone. If you are in isolation and you can hold a sentence together then get in contact – we are up for interviews so you can tell your story and we have keys to virtual hangouts to enable this.

We would like you to tell your story – maybe you are school age and need to talk with your peers? Maybe you are a silver surfer and you’d like a chat over a cup of tea? Maybe you have realised that most of the bags of rice in your cupboard contain around 7k grains of Basmati? Either way, Humans are social animals. Click HERE to get an invite to our Discord Server.

If you are not up for having a natter with strangers – a server is free to set up and you can have up to 50 people on your server (and keep it free) – that is a very large family! Six mouse clicks, an email verification and it is complete. Keep an eye on Granny within the privacy of your own family and see much loved family when they are isolating. You can get Discord on your phone and on your Laptop (Mac / Windows) or Tablet (iPad / Android) – Discord started as a tool for online gamers but they have stepped up to the mark with Coronavirus in Harrogate.

So, what can I do to help?

If you have a skillset, like running exercise classes, well-being or child day care – please get in contact. You can help beat Coronavirus in Harrogate. All you need to do is have a mobile phone and then video what you want to teach, or record your voice in small chunks using recommended apps (talk to us!) – we can help with the publicity and help you help others by reaching a bigger audience. If you want a short series of Podcast pop-ups, to broadcast your experience or skillset through the pandemic, all you need is a smart phone to record your voice. We will make room in our schedule for you – going that extra step to help.

Andy has years of experience in producing Podcasts, since way back to 2008. I can string together a collection of loose audio and make it in to polished completion, just ask DJ Scooby!



Summing up: Coronavirus in Harrogate

This is a real opportunity for you to give back to the town you love. Your actions could be the ray of sunshine in someone’s dark times – you could, and you will, make a difference. When the dust has settled on this Pandemic – we will be judged as a generation. How will your actions stand? Get in contact with the station by email (link HERE)¬†and help us help you help others. Coronavirus in Harrogate is here; let’s kick it’s arse. Also, in addition:

  • Support local business where you can through these though times
  • Keep monitoring for new health advice from professionals
  • Keep listening to HCR
  • Wash your hands regularly

Thanks for listening, Andy.

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