How To Export A Radio Show In Reaper

Written by on April 3, 2020

In this Blog post I will explain how to export your radio show in Reaper. This is the export method I have used for years in Reaper – it is the method I recommend to everyone at Harrogate Community Radio. Rather than send off seven or eight emails, typing each one up to DJs, I thought I would write this blog post explaining how to export a radio show in Reaper.

Here is how you do it in Reaper:

1. First, record your show – I have gone in to details on how to record and edit you show HERE and HERE.

2. Go to File in Reaper’s menu (FILE, EDIT, VIEW, INSERT etc.) and select “FILE » Render.” Here is where you will find the Render option (see diagram). Click on File and it will be half-way down the drop-down.

3. In the resulting pop-up, on the “Render” “Source” field select “Master Mix” – there is a diagram in the footer of this post to accompany the notes.

4. On the “Render Bounds” section select “Entire Project” or “Custom Time Range” – “Entire Project is for spoken word shows that are under their allotted time. With music shows: whack a track on the end and fade it out (for how to do that click HERE) then apply the “Custom Time Range” keeping it to your allotted time.

5. Under the “Output” section, on the “Directory” field, click on “Browse”, “Browse for directory” and create a new folder where you want Reaper to put your exported files. Then click on “Create”, then “Open”.

6. You can name your episode in “File Name.”

7. Under the “Options” section, set sample rate to 44.100 Hz, and 24bit PCM, Channels to stereo and the “Full-speed Offline” option. Resample mode can be ignored.

8. Select MP3 as output format to make it compatible with our broadcast server. All other options you can leave unchecked but you might need to set the Bitrate to 320.

9. Leave the three options at the bottom unchecked.

10. Hit Render and… off you go!

This will bounce your file down and you can send it me using the method I will tell you about. Here is an image of the pop-up that you get when you click “File » Render.


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