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Archio Banquerta
Country of residence: undisclosed.
Age – 68

Archio Banquerta is a name synonymous with dance music and dance culture.

A DJ of 44 experience, he has played some of the most prestigious events across the globe.

From the early days of the opening set at Manunesia in Ibiza, to the the closing party at Berlin’s infamous superclub/power station “Genau-Dort-Oben”, Archio was the ever present force, face, and scent of dance music. Few people who witnessed it can forget his unforgettable-when-witnesses set, at the opening ceremony of the 2001 Olympics, where he played a piece of sandpaper for 45 minutes, to widespread critical acclaim.

He has, in his time, owned record labels, clothing companies, and even had an extensive line of chipotle mayonnaises, boasting an enviable 7 flavors – two more than Calvin Guetta managed with his now defunct “Nothing but the sauce” line.

During the nineties, whilst living in Budapest, his record shop – Western Bloc Records – was undeniably THE place for the burgeoning music scene faces to hang out and exchange ideas. Most people have heard the legend of Archio and (techno legend and Harmada Superfloor label head honcho) Sven van Buuren, (who was on work experience there at the time) pulling a particularly long busy Saturday shift and, whilst overcome with vinyl fumes, accidentally inventing trance music.

In a long and distinguished list of praiseworthy accolades, perhaps the most distinguished moment – so far – of Archio’s long and distinguished career, was the long moment when, on stage presenting The Oscars in 2007, he had to rugby tackle Mel Cruise to the floor, as the diminutive action star of films such as “Total Reflux” and “Kill me like you mean it” tried to set fire to Barbra Dion. After the event, at a joint press conference Mel admitted he had perhaps had a couple of beers too many, and the Archio and Mel shared the first ever Underground Dj/Hollywood superstar press conference full kiss with tongues, tops and fingers.

In recent years however, Archio has become somewhat more enigmatic.

Following a controversial set at the world famous Dance event “Fire” in Harrogate, one person didn’t like it and specifically waited until the end of the night to tell Archio. Obviously, in 44 years of DJing, you would imagine at some point even Archio had received criticism before – but that’s actually not true. Until that point, every single thing he had ever done had been met with universal admiration and respect.

This was a crushing blow for Archio, realizing that not absolutely everything he does is liked by absolutely everyone was a real eye opener, and promptly Archio dropped, it would seem, off the face of the earth.

What happened next doesn’t need recounting, but we will recount it here.

Without Archio, dance music collapsed. Over night records shops closed, lables went into administration, and the knock on effect was the biggest financial crisis the world has ever faced, or is, as this is written, likely to face again.

Of course, there were other contributing factors – downloads, uploads, flow charts and managements speak all contributed towards the effect; but it was undeniable, the world just didn’t know what to do without Archio Banquerta.

So it is perhaps fitting that now, when something a bit actually bad is actually happening, Archio has chosen this moment to return from the shadows, with a WORLD EXCLUSIVE mix and interview piece – HERE exclusively on Harrogate Community Radio.

So, dance music fans, journalists from across the globe, and members of the Illinois Law Enforcement Community, please, sit back, wash your hands, and enjoy: Archio Banquerta

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