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Bespoke started Djing and making music at a young age of 17 years old and has gained a large knowledge of Djing and styles of music through his residencies and performing at some of the best clubs and venues in Leeds including MiNT Warehouse,Mission Belgrave, Wardrobe and Leeds Festival.

He has also gained many skills in the different areas of the Industry, which has helped to create his own style of House Music.

Bespoke would describe his style of Djing as the underground sound of Leeds. Having grown up on a healthy diet of classic Funk, Disco and Soul, Bespoke aka Elliot McCabe has always had a passion for any music that makes people dance. This in turn led to him to fall in love with the many different types of house and dance in his late teens. Except to hear all these different styles and genres of music in his sets including Jazz Funk, Disco, Soul, House, Afro house and Garage.


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