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Deep Breath

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Hello, Iโ€™m Claire! Iโ€™ve lived in Harrogate now for over 6 years. Originally from Wetherby.

My career has taken me down the Sales and Business Development path, which means that I have had the opportunity to travel all over the Country, exhibit at Trade Shows and meet many interesting individuals! How many people can say theyโ€™ve eaten the last meal that was served on the Titanic, before it sank?

My hobbies outside of work include reading, writing to my pen pals, exercise, movies/TV, gaming and dogs (yes, giving love to puppers/doggos is a hobby, I dare you to say otherwise)

I wanted to create a music show and be part of the HCR team, because I want to elicit the feeling music gives me with others. Iโ€™ve discovered some incredible songs through listening to the various shows, so would love to be able to share something new with someone else. If I make a difference to just one person, that will be enough for me. Music is for experiencing together.


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