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In 1985 at the age of 14 I started to DJ with a “double deck” (ask your parents) at my local community centre in Leeds. I spent hours and hours listening to Dance, and House music. I practiced every day, honing my mixing skills on the Technic SL210’s. I spent every wake hour available practicing, much the annoyance of my parent’s downstairs. As an adult (of sorts) I successfully ran many club and bar events throughout Leeds. I have held many residencies and even spent a summer season in a popular Welsh holiday resort. I currently DJ with industry standard Pioneer equipment.

Over the years I have developed my own style of “live editing” DJing. I love to keep my audience guessing and I’ll play pretty much any style, from EDM to Tech, from Drum & Bass to Acid House, I do like a remix and you can’t beat a 90’s anthem.

I’ve been a DJ for over 30 years. Born in Leeds, moved to Pateley Bridge where I started Nidderdale DJ Services with my VERY understanding wife Rachel. When I’m not DJing at Ripley Castle, one of the local race courses, or any one of the hotels in Yorkshire you can catch me playing in one of the hostelries in and around the area most Fridays and Saturdays. For more on Nidderdale DJ Services, please click HERE.

I occasionally tutor DJing too and I enjoy walking, and sometimes running, around my beautiful village. I help out with The Pateley Bridge Dramatics Society, with sound and lighting.

Craig was a full-time DJ until the Coronavirus hit – if you want to donate the cost of a cup of coffee to Craig to keep him ticking over, click the button below.

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