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Hi, I am DJ Scooby, although I am know as Stewart to my mum. I am one of the co-founders of the best radio station in Harrogate, along with Allan & Andy. I have a few shows on the station and they are all available for you to tune in to on this website. So if you want to listen to a world music radio show, I am your man.

I grew up in Gibraltar and near Bishop Aukland. But, I settled here when I qualified as a gardener. I have lived in Harrogate for nearly forty years and I consider this town my home – what gets me is that it is a very diverse town when you scratch the surface. I hope I can play my part in keeping you entertained in a small way.

As a charity Fundraiser, I also run Metal sans Frontières. Metal sans Frontières is a Heavy Metal night held in Harrogate with only two purposes; to raise money for Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Medicins sans Frontières) and to have fun. The name of the night is held in blackened reverence.

Me and my partner were recently adopted by a retired racing Greyhound. Ernie is a cute dog and I am often seen pausing for a pint in one of the great pubs in Harrogate, with the dog. When not sleeping, my dog is fond of eating cheese and fish.