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Buy me a latte but no pressureBuy me a latte but no pressure

Born at a young age, Dj Trev has managed to make a living from playing other people’s records, and occasionally talking a bit in between.

Naysayers have been at pains to point out that is relatively easy; but it is worth remembering that he also stands up whilst doing this, frequently drinking lattes AT THE SAME TIME.

What’s more, he can often be seen twiddling knobs on his little mixer thing that don’t do anything, with a look of concentration on his face.

Working mainly in the North of England, from Manchester to Leeds, Blackpool to York, and through Manford Thirty-sixborough to Lower Upper Wabznasm, Dj Trev has impressed crowds wherever he has played with prompt time keeping and the fact he always has a pen or a tissue should you need one.

Other than Djing and making up fake third person bios about himself, Dj Trev’s other interests are Star Wars.

Dj Trev is sole UK booking agent for Archio Banquerta – a role he feels keeps him in touch with the nuanced world of house and techno music – whilst in real life, Dj Trev plays tracks from the latest “Now that’s what I call Music” CD.

Dj Trev wears Brut™ For Men, or failing that Lynx Africa. It depends how close to Christmas it is. Driving a classic Hyundai i-20 (that he has specially modified himself by adding a smiley face air freshener, and putting a change of warm clothes in the boot – in case he is involved in an unfortunate incident of self soiling) Dj Trev can be seen driving to, and indeed from, many places of interest, such a stone circles, open spaces, and shops.

Dj Trev kindly took five minutes out of his busy day of walking round the house looking at his Star Wars collectible miniature figurines, to give this message to people who are excited to hear him on Harrogate Community Radio:

“Hi friend, I well like the radio, ever since I got a cassette recorder and tried to record the songs off the top 40 but miss out the bits where Simon Mayo said hello. I realised than that you didn’t HAVE to talk in between songs, you could just sort of smash them together, to for a kind of patty. That is what I hope to bring to the world of DJing.”

He than looked like he was going on, but after sitting there for five minutes whilst he just sort of looked at us, we made out excuses and left.

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