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The Blues Show

An Award Winning Blues Show

“I’ve loved music since I was a child and I’ve loved the blues even longer! Listening to the radio introduced me to so many great presenters (Alexis Korner, Mike Raven, John Peel) and many many blues artists.

I have played guitar in many bands, most of them blues or blues influenced, and I currently perform solo acoustic spots featuring blues, country rock and more. I have a blog where I write about The Blues Show (including playlists), guitars, coffee, moustaches and psychedelic socks!”

Gary is a member of the newly founded Independent Blues Broadcasters Association whose aim is to promote blues radio across the UK and worldwide and encourage promoters and record labels to use the IBBA as a point of contact.

Until the Coronavirus Pandemic, Gary was a gigging musician – feel free to chip in for the price of a coffee if you have derived worth from Gary’s show. You can do that by clicking on the button below.



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