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All You Love & Hate About Pop Music

Harrogate based songwriter, topliner and vocalist Harper Lake first made waves on the UK bass scene with Hackman’s breakthrough single ‘Always’, a Rinse favourite backed with a killer Brackles remix. Since then she’s had a Mixmag No 1, worked with dubstep originator Oris J on his highly acclaimed LP for Texture Records, as well as lots of other ace musics. A self confessed ‘songwriting nerd’ she was a resident writer at Beatport’s Amsterdam studios. She was one of the 16 talents selected for the first Amsterdam Dance Event Writers Camp and is represented currently by songwriters agency Evolved Artists.

Cass and Harper have a mutual obsession with all things pop and they need to let it out! In a wry look at both the fantastic and terrible sides of the ‘pop song’ they’ll take you on a musical rollercoaster ride that’ll make you spill your milkshake and scream cos you wanna go faster!