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Taking Your Questions To The Streets.

I’m Jack Sinclair and I host the Vox Pod podcast where I walk around and ask people on the streets your questions so you don’t have to. I also guest occasionally on the Geeks at the Gates podcast.

Vox Pod is a podcast where Jack Sinclair takes your questions to the people on the street.

In each episode three questions are taken from you, the listener, and submitted to anyone on the street willing to give their time, or even sometimes a special guest.

Questions ranging from the existential to trivial and answers from people of all walks of life, it can be a surprising listen.

You can submit Questions to Jack Sinclair via the Vox Pod Social Media.

Jack also host The Present Age – a music show that plays cuts from his growing collection. Take an hour out of your Thursday Night to find out what makes this such a special show.

Jack is facing an uncertain economic future due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you have the time and the inclination, please consider chipping in the price of a coffee to say thanks for his dedication to radio.

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