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I Watched A Movie

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Taking Your Questions To The Streets.

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Hi, I’m Jack Sinclair and I host VoxPod a podcast where I take your questions to the people on the street (Currently on hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic).

I also host The Present Age, an hour long music show on Thursday evenings. I couldn’t figure out what sort of theme it should be so I decided to call it Postmodernist so I can get away with literally anything.

I also hosted a faux Community Show in the summer of 2021 which was a tie-in radio show to a theatre production of the same name ‘Our Gate’ that was produced by the Arts Council & Harrogate Theatre. That time slot is now filled with my weekly movie review show called ‘I Watched a Movie’ that I co-host with Claire Adams (Deep Breath) on Saturdays.

I’m also indefinitely unable to work due to the pandemic so if anyone fancies doing a show or podcast but doesn’t have the ability or time to create/edit it then hit me up cos all I have is time: you can find out more HERE.

Jack is facing an uncertain economic future due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you have the time and the inclination, please consider chipping in the price of a coffee to say thanks for his dedication to radio.

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