Rachel Auty & Andrew Cameron

Rachel Auty & Andrew Cameron shows

The Beer Show

Two Self-Confessed Beer Geeks

Here re your hosts for The Beer Show:


Yorkshire lass Rachel has been proudly drinking beer since the 90s and today is actively involved in the beer and pub scene locally and nationally. As founder of Women On Tap CIC – a social enterprise and annual festival celebrating women and beer – Rachel has been instrumental in putting Harrogate on the map as a UK beer destination.

She is a freelancer specialising in marketing, PR and events for beer, hospitality, and the arts. She also boasts a large portfolio of innovative work with festivals. She’s a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers and is a regular contributor to a number of publications.

Rachel loves funky flavours and is partial to farmhouse styles and mixed fermentation beers with a zesty bite.

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Andrew is a traitorous Scot who has lived in Harrogate for nearly most of his life. He has been drinking beer (not always good beer – it builds character) since it was barely legal for him to do so and has been drinking craft beer and following the scene for the full duration of its popularity surge of the past decade. He mainly wants hops (NEIPAs, DIPAs, TIPAs) but can be found appreciating any style of beer provided it’s been well constructed.

He has been heavily involved in local Harrogate & Knaresborough beer culture for a while, and although he does not work in the industry has been involved in many of the social issues surrounding pubs and alcohol.


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