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The Best Metal Show Is On HCR!

I was born in Harrogate and have lived there for pretty much all of my life.

I wouldn’t consider myself a serious DJ or music expert, but I have a good open mind when it comes to music and like a variety of different styles that probably seem in stark contrast to each other. Although my interest in music has spanned so many different years and genres, hard rock and metal are the areas that I can most relate to. The closest I have been to a ‘DJ’ was in a previous life when I used to play regular nights at the legendary Harrogate Arms.

For many years my music has been for my own ears, however recently the records came out of retirement to support DJ Scooby and his Metal Sans Frontiers events. This has now led on to spending some time at HCR where I’m looking forward to sharing some of the music I’ve found enjoyable over the years.


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